"Gravity" Review

April 7, 2014 9:19:45 AM PDT
For those of you wondering if "Gravity" is really as great as so many critics have said, the answer is 'yes,' though it's not quite as revolutionary as some would have you believe. But "stunning" is a word that comes to mind, and Sandra Bullock takes her acting to a whole new level.

There is no way a small screen can do justice to the visual power of this movie. No film since "2001" a generation ago has so perfectly captured what it must be like to travel where there is no gravity.

A medical engineer played by Sandra Bullock is working on the "Hubble" telescope alongside a veteran astronaut, played by George Clooney, when another satellite explores and starts a chain reaction that places them in great danger and kills the other crew members just a few minutes after the film begins.

This is a supporting part for Clooney, who appears in about one-third of the movie. "Gravity" belongs to Bullock, and the Oscar buzz for her role has already become very loud.

To see how one actress can sustain your interest, alone, for the better part of an hour, you will have to go see "Gravity." Let's just say that her character's inner journey, the way her damaged soul comes to be restored, is just as key and just as compelling as her trip through outer space.

Sandra Bullock is expected to be a leading contender for the Oscar as Best Actress during what's expected to be the most competitive race in years. For all of you who have wondered when I would really like a movie: "Gravity" is a movie I love. If you agree with me, and especially if you don't, tweet me and tell me about it @SandyKenyon7