New Jersey high school soccer player has no arms or legs

Lucy Yang has the young athlete's remarkable story
October 8, 2013 3:03:20 PM PDT
A New Jersey high school student has become a remarkable and inspirational story.

He plays varsity soccer without arms, and on prosthetic legs.

16-year old Jorge Dyksen is a starting forward on the Manchester High School junior varsity team in Haledon.

And don't tell him he can't do something, just because he has no arms or legs.

"God made me the person who I am now, I never pity myself," Jorge said.

Born in Panama, Jorge became a quadruple amputee shortly after his first birthday.

He learned to walk on prosthetic legs and never stopped running.

He was eventually adopted by the Dyksens in New Jersey, who have cared for and loved him all his life.

"I see Jorge as an example of God taking a tragedy and turning it into triumph," said his mother Faye Dyksen.

Jorge bowls a fierce game, and can throw a wicked football.

He even met that other Panamian, Mariano Rivera, and a bunch of other Yankees before throwing the opening pitch in 2010.

This Jorge sees a world of possibilities before him, not a dungeon of limitation.

If you think he's inspiring now, Jorge hopes to become a motivational speaker someday, and touch countless other lives.

"I want to say, don't give up," he said.

Just about the only thing Jorge cannot do right now is tie his own shoelaces, which teammates gladly do.

But Jorge can text. He is a teenager after all.