Women fighting and surviving cancer grace calendar

October 9, 2013 6:34:03 PM PDT
It is a big night for a group of women on Long Island.

They're getting ready to walk the runway in a fashion show and grace the pages of a new calendar, all for a very good cause, kicking cancer.

This may look like just another day at the salon, but for these women it is so much more.

"I am actually a 21-year ovarian cancer survivor," said Kristine Fitzpatrick, a cancer survivor.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I was 35," said Barbara B., a cancer survivor.

They are the stars of the "2014 Moms Who Kick to Find a Cure" fundraising calendar, timed to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It showcases 15 women affected by the disease, most of them cancer survivors or currently in treatment.

"The treatment is tough. It affects yours appearance as you know. So to have people help you get your hairstyle back, help you put makeup back on, it's great," said Joan de la Prida, a calendar girl.

All the teasing and blowing, putting on of mascara, and nail filing is in preparation for Wednesday night's calendar launch party, which will allow the "calendar girls" to walk the runway and bring their role model messages to life.

"The women who come in and the friendships that are made the bonds that are made are so powerful that they remain friends forever," said Joanne Hutchins, of "Moms Who Kick to Find a Cure".