Upper West Side shooting leaves man in critical condition

Anthony Johnson has the latest.
October 15, 2013 1:00:08 PM PDT
Police are investigating a shooting on the Upper West Side.

Hours after the shooting detectives continued to pound the pavement, including a stop back at the deli where cameras captured the shooting.

It happened just after midnight at the intersection of West 88th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

You can see the victim fall to ground and he's approached by two suspects who also kick him and then run off.

Despite being shot twice in the chest, the 45-year-old victim stands up under his own power.

He even hailed a livery cab which took him to St. Luke's Hospital 26 blocks away.

The victim, who is said to be in his 40s, is seen in surveillance video getting into a taxi, where he headed to the hospital. Eyewitness News is told the victim, who lives nearby, has 21 prior arrests dating back to 1986 including robbery and narcotics. He has been in state prison five times.

Indeed police flooded the area; especially a public housing building which many in the neighborhood say is a known drug location.

While a full-fledged crime scene investigation is not an everyday occurrence on the Upper West Side, crime, even violent crime, is not unheard of.

Police do not currently have a suspect in custody, and there is no word yet on a motive.