Author explains new book 'Humans of New York'

Lauren Glassberg interviews the book's author and photographer.
October 15, 2013 3:08:25 PM PDT
The streets of New York are filled with people and filled with stories.

A new book is telling some of those stories from random people and random moments in their life.

It includes thousands of photos.

"The buildings are great but the thing that really makes New York unique compared to other cities, not only the density of people but the diversity of people," said Brandon Stanton, author and photographer, 'Humans of New York'.

Diversity can be seen on the pages of Brandon Stanton's new book, "Humans of New York".

It contains hundreds of portraits of people in New York City and while you might not notice these people, Stanton does.

"If someone walks by with a parrot on their head chances are I'm going to take that photo, also approach people so I can talk to them and interview them," Stanton said.

Brandon gave up trading bonds for photography.

He started photographing New Yorkers three years ago and then launched the blog, Humans of New York.

It has such a huge following people often stop him on the street.

"I actually wrote you a little letter and I was going to give it to you at the book signing," a fan said.

He has fans who are excited by what they see in his work, an intimacy, a moment, a connection, often brought forth during the interview.

"When I'm interviewing someone I'm always looking for what they can tell me that I've never heard before," Stanton said.

In all, Stanton says he's taken hundreds of thousands of photos and his next book will be focusing on kids, the little humans of New York.

By the way, Stanton thinks New York is filled with humanity.

"Everyone always says New Yorkers are rude, well it's not true. Crowds are rude, New Yorkers are the same as anyone else," Stanton said.

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