Payment delayed for deceased husband's golf cart

Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side
Seven On Your Side
October 18, 2013 3:15:31 PM PDT
Elizabeth Caputo is like a kid when she makes her weekly pot of gravy.

She makes sauce from scratch every Sunday for her big Italian family, a tradition her late husband John enjoyed. He also enjoyed zipping around on a custom made golf cart.

But after he died, the cart was a painful reminder of their lifelong love, so Mrs. Caputo arranged to sell it back to the dealer.

"I said how much do you think you can sell it for me? And he said 16, I could get it for you 16," Mrs. Caputo said.

That's 16-hundred she was promised, in writing, from the owner of B and B Custom Golf carts, who had sold it to her less than a year before, he came and picked up the cart, but the payment got lost in the sauce.

"How could you do this to a little lady that needs the money and you won't give me the money. What's wrong with you?" Mrs. Caputo said.

Mrs. Caputo's daughter, Viana, got involved and couldn't get in touch with the owner.

"The phone number had been disconnected and there was no forwarding number. That's when we became concerned," Viana said.

They sent a friend to his place of business and finally got a phone call, and a check in July. But the bank wouldn't cash it.

"So you're stuck with a check you can't cash, you can't reach him, and you have no golf cart?" Eyewitness News 7 On Your Side Reporter Nina Pineda asked.

"Exactly. And he doesn't answer his phone any longer," Viana said.

"Do you have a heart? Do you have a conscience? What are you doing?" Mrs. Caputo said.

The owner told 7 On Your Side by phone he had trouble paying because his business was closed down. So the team travelled to his South Jersey shop and found it was business as usual.

"Listen, listen, this grandmother wants her golf cart back, or her full refund," Pineda said.

He also blamed health problems for the payment delay.

"I never ripped nobody off," the owner said.

"Well, she's been crying, waiting for this money," Pineda said.

After 7 On Your Side talked to him, he came through with the cash.

"Thank you. God is going to bless you," Ms. Caputo said.

Ms. Caputo got back $1,500, and is still owed $100.

If you add in Ms. Caputo's refund, that brings our yearly total that we've gotten back for viewers to more than $912,000. Ms. Caputo would agree, that's a lot of gravy.