ING NYC Marathon runner is out running his addictions

Mark Fideldy (left)

October 23, 2013 10:26:16 AM PDT
Park Slope Runner Mark Fiedeldey felt like his addictions were holding him back. Bad habits affected his self-worth and his health, but watching a NYRR marathon brought him a brand new addiction that changed everything.

It's before sunrise in Prospect Park. It's the time when Mark Fiedeldey finds himself running away from a lot of things.

"I grew up lazy and a fat kid from jersey and had bad body image and was a smoker," he said.

There are things he wanted to get away from, and Mark spent years being chased by a series of addictions.

"I was bulimic from middle school to college. I didn't' get over it until I started running. I didn't see much of a future ahead for myself. I was in a really dark place," Fiedeldey said.

It was like a light went on seeing his first race, admiring runner after runner and each one conquering some unknown.

"I saw them do the New York City marathon and I said let's see if we can do it," he explained.

Not only did he train and finish the Philadelphia Marathon, but also Mark says he has overcome personal demons and has replaced bad habits with a new running addiction.

"It definitely helps you cope. If you have a problem it helps. You get out and run and clear your mind. Running reminds you that even when there are down days, it does get better. For me, a gay kid growing up in New Jersey, it's like my running music and Bruce Springsteen in my ears saying 'ordinary people can do extraordinary things,' Fiedeldey said.

The next extraordinary goal is running the ING NYC Marathon, so look for him on the course.

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