Bronx high school opens first health clinic

October 21, 2013 2:39:52 PM PDT
The nation is still struggling over the biggest health care reform in generations, but now there's a health care breakthrough for some New York City school kids.

Comprehensive health services are now on a public school campus providing care for students.

The ribbon cutting was a healthy sign for the Morris High School campus.

"It feels good because now I can get my physical in my school for free. I can do everything I need to for free," said Buba Kemp, a student.

It is part of a $30 million plan to open health clinics at 20 public schools over the next three years.

As of now, high school students in the Bronx can get their blood pressure checked and get many other medical services right inside their school clinics.

"And it's providing health programs, it's providing dental care, it's focused on mental health services, as well," NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said.

The Morris Clinic is a partnership with Montefiore Hospital. The clinics are targeted toward communities in need.

"Many of our students are homeless, many of our students don't have insurance, and this clinic helps us to support the students in all the other areas," said Carmen Bardeguez-Brown, Morris High School Principal.

"What's the status of your health insurance?" Eyewitness News education reporter Art McFarland asked.

"Right now it's expired, but my mommy is trying to apply it again so that we could get Medicaid," said Nashali Viera, a student.

"Part of our mission is to make sure that everyone gets care and those who aren't insured we're able to help them get insured and get the services they need," said Dr. Shawn Bowen, of Montefiore Hospital.