Kevin Bacon on the run in South Jersey

Seniors at Kingsway Regional High in Woolwich Twp. bought Kevin Bacon as their class mascot - but he escaped!
October 22, 2013 7:22:18 AM PDT
It looks like they may be closing in on Kevin Bacon. In this case, Kevin Bacon is not the actor, but a pig purchased by students in Kingsway Regional High School in South Jersey.

The slippery fellow got away several weeks ago, but just a few days he was sighted in Swedesboro.

The pig showed up at Alison Gieschen's farm just in time for feeding time for the horses.

"On Saturday morning, a couple of girls from Kingsway were here riding and they said 'that's Kevin Bacon.' I said who's Kevin Bacon, and they said, 'our mascot,'" Girschen explained.

Kevin Bacon's journey began three miles from the farm. A couple of seniors at Kingsway purchased the pig on craigslist for $50. He was going to be the class of 2014's mascot, but Bacon escaped minutes after arriving at the student's home.

"We're hoping to get it back by Saturday for homecoming," freshman Miranda Marcantuno said.

While Bacon likes this farm, he's been popping up all around town. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to him. Sightings are posted. Students and residents are worried if he's not corralled soon, he may get hurt.

We watched as a half-dozen people armed with nets tried to capture Bacon, but he zigged, zagged and scampered away. Kevin Bacon always seems to be six degrees away, but Girschen is still optimistic.

"This pig will be caught by Saturday," Girschen said.