Brooklyn Halloween doll display too scary for some neighbors

Sandra Bookman reports on the display in Boerum Hill
October 22, 2013 4:06:03 PM PDT
A Halloween display in Brooklyn isn't sitting well with some residents.

It features baby dolls, in gruesome situations.

Some neighbors say it's all in good fun, celebrating Halloween. Others say it goes too far.

We want to warn you: some people may find the images disturbing.

Along the quiet block of Brooklyn brownstones, it's pretty easy to pick out the one that's got everybody talking.

"Eerie, very eerie. I've never seen a display like this before," said one neighbor.

The owners of the Bergen Street home, who weren't in, have turned their small frontyard into what might best be described as a little shop of horrors, the doll edition.

From a kid-sized doll chained to a chair, mouth taped shut, to the butchered baby dolls scattered on the ground, hanging from trees and stuffed into jars like lab specimens.

"This theme that she has here with the babies hanging from everywhere, it's kind of creepy, but it's a Halloween theme," said neighbor Audra Glover.

"I don't mind at all, I mean, I have a son who's 5. We live across the street, we're doing the same thing across the street. We're doing an alien autopsy," said neighbor April Dinsmore.

While quite a few neighbors told us they're not bothered by the graphic display. Others said it goes too far.

"Look at that, that's disgusting, teaching how to nail, ugh!", said one neighbor who refused to give us her name but said she'll be keeping her grandchildren far away from this block. And then there was neighborhood resident Valerie Bell.

"This is sick. Only sick people would think to do something like this," said Bell.

She still took plenty of pictures to post on her Facebook page.

This is certainly not the only Halloween display on this street. But for now, it is the one grabbing the most attention, at least until next year.