Three Long Island sisters give birth just weeks apart

Dr. Sapna Parikh reports on the Long Island family
October 23, 2013 1:55:22 PM PDT
Three sisters from Long Island share a very special bond. They speak to each other every day. They live within minutes of each other.

And without any advanced planning, all three delivered babies within weeks of each other, and all at the same hospital.

You can't make it up. Call it genetics or good timing, but these three sisters say they do everything together, and apparently that includes having children.

Talk about a triple play! Three little cousins will get to play together for a long time.

"When I found out my three daughters were pregnant together I was overwhelmed and almost had a heart attack," said their grandmother, Kathy Mannino.

Hopefully Grandma Kathy is ready to babysit.

Her three daughters are each two years apart. Their new babies were born just four weeks apart. Little Francesco on Sept. 9th, Valentina on Sept. 27th, and Madeleine on Oct. 11th. They swear this wasn't on purpose.

"We couldn't have planned this if we tried," said one of the mothers, Josephine Scalone.

The Mannino sisters grew up on Long Island. They still live within 15 minutes of each other in Holbrook and say they've always been close.

But nine months ago, when one broke the news, they all broke the news.

"We're excited just to have all the kids raised together and so close," said another of the moms, Angela Grancio.

This was Angela's first pregnancy, but she says they all got through it together.

"Any question I had because I hadn't had a child before I would go to them," said Angela.

Southside Hospital presented them with a gift card and diapers. They'll be needing a triple supply of those.

Obstetrician Dr. Salil Bakshi says this definitely doesn't happen often.

"It's completely unusual to have three sisters who were all doing the same thing at the same time," said Dr. Bakshi.

Now they'll be doing a lot more together, including Halloween, when the baby girls will be princesses, and the boy will be Captain America.

Wednesday, I'm told, is actually the first time all three of the babies got to see each other together.