Troopers save life of choking boy

Carolina Leid has the amazing rescue.
October 23, 2013 8:25:32 PM PDT
There's dramatic video of a young boy choking on a chicken nugget as his parents watched hopelessly.

But his life was saved by two quick thinking New Jersey State Troopers.

These New Jersey State Troopers don't want to be hailed heroes but their dashboard camera certainly shows that they are.

The Estrada family was driving from their home in Florence to a friend's house in Trenton Sunday afternoon.

That's when their 13-year-old son Julian, who has cerebral palsy, started choking on a chicken nugget in the back seat.

"I turn back and I see he can't breathe. I jumped from the car to try to give the Heimlich maneuver," said Maricruz Estrada, Julian's mother.

"I started to push his belly and when I felt no air was pumping out I got really scared," said Filadelfo Estrada, Julian's father.

Trooper James Hearne and rookie Trooper Ruben Benavidez pulled up behind their truck and acted immediately.

"I ran up there. I got behind him and started to do the Heimlich maneuver. After several thrusts food started coming up. And a few more a big piece of chicken nugget came up," Trooper Hearne said.

While Trooper Hearne treated Julian, Trooper Benavidez stayed on the radio, directed traffic, and calmed Julian's panicked mother.

"She speaks English very well but at that time her native tongue came out she was screaming in Spanish like any mother would," Trooper Benavidez said.

Julian didn't even have to go to the hospital.

His family thanked the troopers Wednesday, calling them angels.

Still, they insist their training simply kicked in and that they did what anyone else would have done.