Ocean Breeze homes not liveable after Sandy

Jim Dolan reports from Ocean Breeze.
October 24, 2013 8:23:32 PM PDT
A year later, Frank Moszczynski's home is just a shell.

It has exposed sheet rock and wires dangling from the ceiling and a plywood floor.

Many of the homes in Ocean Breeze have been abandoned, and others were lost altogether.

Police come every night to prevent looting.

Amid all the uncertainty caused by the storm and its aftermath, one thing is clear, they could never sell the place.

Who would buy it? The neighborhood has flooded three years in a row.

"We can't go through that, nobody should have to go through that ever again," said Frank Moszczynski, a homeowner.

Congressman Michael Grimm came to the Moszczynski's home Thursday night to meet some of the people who live or lived there, who are all hoping the state will buy their homes, before things get worse.

"People are going to walk away and then we have a bigger problem. You have foreclosures all over the place, no one to cleans the property, there's mold issues, there's condemnation issues, kids and stuff get in there, squatters get in there and then we have a bigger problem than we had before," said Rep. Michael Grimm, (R) Staten Island.

Grimm is trying to convince Governor Cuomo to do for Ocean Breeze what he did for Oakwood Beach, which is to buy the homes because they're just not safe to live in.

"I don't think any rational person would say, 'I'm going to buy a home here.' So you can't even sell your home if you wanted to," Grimm said.