Review: The Counselor

Sandy Kenyon reviews "The Counselor"
October 25, 2013 1:48:33 PM PDT
Sometimes a movie has all the elements necessary to succeed and yet still manages to fail.

Case in pont, "The Counselor". It's directed by Ridley Scott who gave us "Gladiator" among other great pictures and this new one features plenty of big stars doing what they do best. So how come I went away so disappointed?

As "The Counselor" Michael Fassbender is surrounded by some of the world's biggest stars looking their slinky, sexy best.

Cameron Diaz has never been more seductive than she is here.

'Malkina' is a cold-hearted villainess involved with a shady operator.

Played by Javier Bardem- who unfortunately doesn't get to act with his real-life wife Penelope Cruz. She plays the fiancee of the lawyer caught in a drug deal gone bad.

Laura got engaged to the counselor not knowing he is almost broke, which is why he gets involved in the drug trade.

Brad Pitt's supporting role-as the middleman in the drug deal is an amusing lark for the superstar and I was having fun watching all of them get paid to do what they do best- turn on their considerable charm while being shown to their best advantage.

So I almost didn't notice - the plot was full of holes and didn't make too much sense.

Like its title character "The Counselor" promises more than what's delivered and given all the talent involved in this caper that really is a crime.

Most of the stars-we won't tell you who-exit the movie in truly savage ways - but I was too busy mourning what might have been to care too much about characters I never really got to know,