Body of New Jersey woman believed murdered located in Newark

Darla Miles has the exclusive interview from Newark.
October 28, 2013 2:25:57 PM PDT
Police have identified the body found in Newark over the weekend as 43-year-old April Wyckoff of Cranford, who authorites say was killed by her boyfriend.

Police say parts of Wykoff's body was found off Raymond Boulevard on Sunday. The search continues. Wyckoff's car was discovered in Newark last week.

The Union County Prosecutor has already charged Mathew Ballister with her murder; despite the fact her body had not been found at the time of the charges.

Authorities believe Ballister killed 43-year-old Wyckoff in his Union Township home sometime on Tuesday evening.

Eyewitness News spoke to Wyckoff's son after the body was identified.

"I don't think he's a man at all, I think he's a monster," said James Wyckoff.

After an extensive search last week in Jersey City and Ballister's Union Township home, even though they did not find a body, they moved forward with the charges.

"She'll never be able to meet her grandchildren, she'll never be able to see my sister graduate, that's why he's a monster," adds James.

The discovery followed an intensive search involving more than 200 municipal, county and state law-enforcement representatives combing through multiple areas in Hudson, Essex and Union counties from Wednesday through the weekend.

"We want to thank each of the departments that devoted manpower and resources to an exhaustive and widespread search conducted by air, land and sea during much of the last week. It was a prime example of the power of cooperation in law enforcement," acting Prosecutor Park said. "The recovery of Ms. Wyckoff is not only significant for our investigation, but essential to bringing her family the closure they deserve."

Police believe Wyckoff was beaten to death in Ballister's house. They will only say the two were in a domestic relationship.

Ballister's mother, Eleanor Schofield, was arrested too. Police say she tried to hide and destroy evidence, including clothing.

Police say the night of the murder; Ballister was driving a 2005 tan Hummer.

Ballister is being held on $2 million bail.

Anyone with information about Wyckoff's death or anyone who may have had contact with Ballister or Schofield is being urged to contact Union County Prosecutor's Office Detective Robert Henderson at 908-527-4126 or 908-347-2686.