Bronx elderly shooting victim speaks out, police still searching for suspect

Jim Dolan spoke to the victim in the Melrose section.
October 29, 2013 8:27:09 PM PDT
Investigators are still searching for a suspect after an elderly woman was shot in the Melrose section of the Bronx.

The victim, 79-year-old Noberta Duval was shot in the stomach Monday evening on River Ave. and 153rd and taken to Lincoln Medical Center.

Detectives searched the area and checked surveillance video for clues. In exclusive raw video obtained by Eyewitness News, three men walk out of frame of the camera. Witnesses say they stopped to talk to a fourth man, and then they walk back into the frame. The man in the middle pulls a gun, crouches and wildly fires three shots down 153rd Street, missing his target entirely, but hitting Noberta Duval.


In an interview with reporter Jim Dolan, Duval says she remembers being shot.

"I remember being at the hospital, but I didn't know why," she says.

Duval's daughter says she remembers every fraction of a second.

Mirna Medina says she heard the shots, and saw them being fired. When Medina checked on her mother, with whom she was walking, she saw the blood.

Duval was then on the ground waiting for an ambulance. The exclusive surveillance video shows a car, a white SUV, turning around and leaving the other way on 153rd Street.

Police are now trying to figure out who the gunman is, and who his friends in the car are.