Superstorm Sandy 1 year later: Families still struggling to rebuild

Josh Einiger has more from Midland Beach.
October 29, 2013 3:19:30 AM PDT
Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of when Superstorm Sandy hit, the outcome devastating to thousands. While many others have rebuilt, there are countless of others who are still in need.

On Monday night there was a change of fortune for one family. 24 hours from now, the will finally have a new home.

It has been a long year for Angela Moravito. A year of heartache after she and her husband lost everything in Superstorm Sandy.

A year in a hotel, of red tape, and fights with contractors as their Midland Beach home sat abandoned.

"It's been a long, very rough journey, a lot of frustration, a lot of disappointments, it's just bee really hard for us to get through this," says Angela.

Angela and her husband will get through it thanks to volunteers like Salvatore D'Amico, who will work for 24 hours straight to put their house back together.

"We got the idea to do a 24-hour build straight thorough 24 hours, and we're starting this house from the beginning," says D'Amico.

This is part of an initiative led by Zurich, a global insurance firm that helped rebuild New Orleans after Katrina. On Staten Island, they have teamed with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to help get victims of Superstorm Sandy back on their feet.