Fewer rats in NYC subway according to survey

October 30, 2013 4:16:53 PM PDT
A subway advocacy group says there are about as many rats on New York City platforms as last year.

The Straphangers Campaign say riders still run into rodents at 13 percent of underground stations - a three percent increase from last year, but statistically insignificant.

Group members looked for rats on 525 platforms.

The critters are most visible in the Bronx, where they were seen in 21 percent of platforms compared to 10 percent in Manhattan.

The MTA says it's using more poison as well as bait that curbs rat reproduction.

The Straphangers also said 24 percent of platforms have exposed wiring. Graffiti was seen in 32 percent. And broken lights were reported in 20 percent of underground stations.

The MTA says safety-related defects "are repaired in short order."