Halloween curfews in place in some NJ towns

Carolina Leid reports from Perth Amboy.
October 30, 2013 8:34:21 PM PDT
The night before Halloween is called "mischief night", but there's nothing cute about it in some parts.

Many towns in New Jersey are trying to thwart mischievous behavior the night before Halloween by implementing curfews.

Perth Amboy Police combed neighborhoods using flashlights to catch kids breaking curfew.

It's a problem Sergeant Luis Armas say has improved since they stepped up enforcement.

"They would stay past the curfew and that would entice them to do criminal mischief. The toilet paper and the soup and especially the eggs," said Sgt. Luis Armas, Perth Amboy Police.

Anyone under 18 who's still on the street after 6 p.m. without supervision gets escorted home to their parents.

Police started spreading the word earlier this month at the schools, even telling local merchants to be careful not to sell items kids could use for mischief.

Cities and towns like Woodbridge, Milltown, and River Vale are doing the same.

"We have marked, unmarked cars out, but it's not to prevent the kids from having fun. It's really to ensure the kids will be safe and people's property will be protected at the same time," said Detective Sgt. John DeVoe, River Vale Police Department.