Best buys for November

Nina Pineda reports
Seven On Your Side
November 1, 2013 2:50:11 PM PDT
You may be sick of it, but can you ever "really" get enough of our first November best bet?

We are in a sweet spot of Smarties, suckers, and all sorts of candy, cheapest right now, between Halloween and stocking stuffer time, which is right around the corner.

"This is a very exciting time of the year for a lot of shoppers. We have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales," said Mark LoCastro, of

Mark and the editors at comb through and compare slews of sales-seeing deep cuts on cookware well before the holiday frenzy to get you ready for the family feast.

"The sheer volume of deals are much higher versus the rest of the year. We're talking about your coffeemaker, your blender, your crock pots, microwaves. All these are great to buy during November," Mark said.

Along with cookware, look for deals on hardware this month - both are Black Friday favorites to put on sale, along with vacuums.

"Specifically, on Hoover last year, these [vacuums] had fantastic discount, I think about 30 to 50 percent off. But unfortunately Dysons, they got better after Black Friday.

"Refurbished" Dysons, however, are a good buy now. Ditto for all models of refurbished iPads.

Mark says look for previous generations, like the discontinued iPad 4 to be discounted this month.

"We're expecting the iPad 4 to be around 400 bucks, which is $100 off the list price," Mark said.

But just don't look for the deepest Black Friday discounts at the Apple store.

"Apple does have an annual Black Friday sale but is for 5 to 10 percent off. Shop at certified reseller like Best Buy , they'll have double the amount of discounts, 20 percent," Mark said.

In other tablets look for Google's Nexus 7 to drop to $200 at the end of the month.

Just don't look for big Black Friday breaks on new gadgets. Samsung Phablet, for example, part phone, part tablet, comes with its own accessory - a wristwatch that does it all.

"This is the Samsung 3 and this is the gear. These are brand new. They're in high demand. Don't expect a lot of deals and discount on these they're too hot!" Mark said.

It's also not the time to buy Highend TVs this month. Wait until next year. Wait until next month to buy toys too.

"There will be sales on toys during bf but they will get even better in December. Specifically 2 weeks before Christmas is when you see the biggest discounts on toys," Mark said.

Other good buys this month include wedding dresses. It's a slow season to say "I do," so big bargaining opportunities at the bridal shop - and off-brand smaller TVs. Those will be the doorbusters advertised to get you into the store on Black Friday).