Local airports feel impact from LAX shooting

Toni Yates has the story
November 1, 2013 3:50:57 PM PDT
Stepped up patrols and some flight delays are being experienced at JFK following the shooting at LAX.

During the height of the afternoon rush at JFK, Port Authority Police patrols were more visible, keeping traffic and people moving.

Port Authority officials are also assuring the public: "Our stepped up patrols will not impact flight operations, however, passengers should check with their individual carriers for any delays that may be a result of the grounded activity at LAX."

The ripple effects are now being seen. The FAA has issued a national ground stop or hold for all arriving flights that have not departed from their originating airports.

JetBlue, based at JFK also flies into the terminal where the shooting took place.

For passengers the news was unsettling.

Even those who are in and out of the airport for business can't help but wonder what would make someone do such a thing.

JetBlue employees based in New York were no doubt concerned about their fellow workers out in the LAX terminal where the shooting took place.

Word is that all those employees are safe and accounted for.