Details on LAX shooting suspect Paul Ciancia

Carolina Leid has more from the suspect's town of Pennsville.
November 1, 2013 8:24:46 PM PDT
Police converged on the LAX shooting suspect's former South New Jersey home.

23-year-old Paul Ciancia was recently living in Los Angeles, but his parents still live in Pennsville, New Jersey, a small town near the Delaware border.

"How is the family?" a reporter asked.

"Everybody is fine. Obviously we will continue to investigate this the best that we can. Keep the family safe and secure and huh go with the flow well," said Chief Allen Cummings, Pennsville Police Department.

Police Chief Allen Cummings says he grew up with Ciancia's father.

He explained that Paul Ciancia, Senior called him earlier Friday asking for help because he and other family members got text messages from the suspect referencing to "suicide".

So Pennsville Police reached out to the LAPD who sent a patrol car to his home.

There his roommates mentioned seeing him just the day before.

Passengers at LAX who heard the gunshots and came face to face with the shooter were brought to tears.

"They had just checked my ID and I was getting ready to go get my bags x-rayed and I heard gunshots and we all just went down to the ground. A few seconds later, I saw him coming up the elevator and walked by about 10 feet away from me with his gun pointed and he just continued down to the terminal," said Andrea Trujillo, a witness.