Kitten resuscitated after house fire in Iowa

November 2, 2013 8:44:08 AM PDT
An Iowa family escaping a house fire was forced to leave their 9-week-old kitten behind, but thanks to the efforts of a courageous police deputy, the family's 11-year-old boy was reunited with his treasured pet.

Meet Wuzzy, a kitten that Parker Rawson has a hard time letting go of now, especially after what happened last week.

"We heard a pop, got downstairs and heard the smoke alarms go off," he said. "And we started running."

Parker, his mom and his 2-year-old sister beat the flames out. Yet Parker has two cats and a dog, and we all know the bond between children and pets.

"Mom said the cats will be fine and, even if they're not, they're replaceable," he said.

Amid the firefighters, paramedic Deputy Ben Brink also arrived on the scene.

The humans were safe, but a lifeless cat ended up in his arms.

"They said 'Don't let the kids see it,' because it was limp at the time," he said.

That's when Brink broke out his tools and saved the day.

"I came around the front and just got my oxygen mask, and I laid the kitty on the ground and filled up my oxygen mask," he said. "I started letting him breathe the air and petting his little paw to get him to respond to me."

Then Wuzzy became more playful, biting the mask and returning to the sixth-grade boy she sleeps with every night.

"I'd like to thank the firefighters that came out that night and the police," Parker said.

Parker and his family won't be back in their home for months, but this small victory will help.

The Rawson family is staying with nearby loved ones for the next few months.

They say they're renaming the kitten Smokey.