High school student elected to Board of Education

Toni Yates has the story
November 7, 2013 3:16:41 PM PST
A Millburn High School senior is now the youngest elected official in the state and will serve on the Board of Education.

"A lot of adults called me out for padding my college resume, there's an easier way to do that," said Chase Harrison, a Millburn High School Senior.

When he speaks of his passion and desire, it's quite evident, this Millburn High School senior is anxious to take his seat on the Board of Education come January.

"I thought I could make a difference in the lives of students stressed out, needed a voice to advocate for them," Chase Harrison said.

He not only ran the idea by his high school friends, but by several adults as well.

"I talked to parents to see if they'd be comfortable, and teachers, that my decisions would affect them," Chase Harrison said.

The youngest elected official in New Jersey has a bedroom filled with speech and debate first place trophies from Ivy League level competitions.

He sharpened his skills long ago around the dinner table, talking politics with his debate champ parents. How young was he?

"I would say no later than 3 or 4. He was very engaged at a young age," said David Harrison, Chase's father.

Much of his campaign message was delivered on Facebook. He had two debates with the incumbent and lots of loving support.

"I stood with him when they questioned his eligibility," said Devon Harrison, Chase's brother.

His campaign sign may be a collector's item one day. He's on the school board now, but Chase is destined for bigger roles.)

"I'm hoping to go into international relations and politics," Chase Harrison said.

Specifically, he would like to go into Latin American relations because he's fluent in Spanish. He's anxious to lead.

"Our students are our pride, we can look to them, we should never underestimate them," said Beth Harrison, Chase's mother.