Review: Thor: The Dark World

Sandy Kenyon looks at the latest release
November 8, 2013 1:37:46 PM PST
"Thor" is the closest Hollywood gets to a sure thing. The strong man may not be as popular as "Iron Man" or as big as "Batman", but his latest movie has already earned $150 million overseas in just a few days. And yet, that can't make me like "The Dark World".

Watching the beefy hero is about as satisfying as eating in a fast food joint, and almost as exciting. But, like the billions and billions of burgers McDonald's serves, Marvel's movies are certained to be consumed in large quantities so they make a fortune, in spite of what critics may nay-say.

Unlike the previous film, which I very much enjoyed, the one where "Thor" was stripped of his powers and spent time in the Southwest with Natalie Portman, there's a going through the motions quality to "The Dark World", even though she's back and so is Chris Hemsworth.

More humor and less action might have made for a better mix in this tale about a conflicted guy, caught between the woman he loves on Earth and his responsibilities to his kingdom called "Asgard".

Worlds collide when "Jane" gets infected by the deadly potion of his realm's ancient enemies and Thor enlists his evil brother to fight them.

There's plenty of action, but no engagment. I wanted to care about what happened to them, but I could not.

Nobody sets out to make a mediocre movie, especially not given the high cost of mayhem these days. But the number of writers assigned to this project testify to the difficulty of wrestling this particular story to the ground.

"Thor: The Dark World" is from Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios, owned by the same parent company as ABC 7.

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