Many couples choosing Tuesday, 11/12/13 for weddings

November 9, 2013 7:58:41 AM PST
Weddings are usually held on weekends, but this coming Tuesday will be a popular day for many couples to tie the knot.

The date on the calendar will be 11/12/13, one of the last iconic dates of the century.

Joining us on Eyewitness News Saturday Morning to talk about this special wedding date was bride-to-be Joanna Ortiz, along with Sarah Musillo with David's Bridal in Manhattan.

According to the David's Bridal annual "What's on Brides Minds" survey, 40% of American brides have considered planning their wedding on iconic dates and the trend seems to have staying power.

"When 7/7/07 happened and all of a sudden we had an estimated 66,000 weddings on one day, it caught our attention," says Brian Beitler, executive vice president of David's Bridal, a bridal retailer based in the Philadelphia suburb of Conshohocken, Pa. "We now monitor weddings that fall on iconic dates and we see that couples love booking their nuptials using interesting numbers."

David's Bridal estimates that more than 3,200 American brides will marry on 11/12/13 as of November 6th, and as the date approaches the number will increase. The same Tuesday of the month last year projected just 371 weddings, a 763% increase based on David's Bridal's registrations.

Regardless of the fact that 11-12-13 falls mid-week, on a Tuesday, thousands are still choosing to marry that day.

The last sequential date of the century is 12-13-14, which falls on a Saturday.

11-12-13 weddings are expected to be a record setting day for mid-week affairs.