Trucker accused of toll evasion at George Washington Bridge

November 9, 2013 12:08:42 PM PST
For the second time in two weeks, Port Authority Police have arrested a tractor-trailer driver on charges of trying to evade tolls at the George Washington Bridge.

43-year old Yuriy Ganzman of Avon, Conn. was charged with trying to pass through a toll with an improper plate that had been reported missing by another company.

He was pulled over around 4: 15 p.m. Friday after police noticed his truck allegedly did not have a proper emissions sticker and had a trailer plate improperly displayed.

Officers found the truck, registered to Ganzman Trucking of Farmington, Conn., was displaying an improper license plate on the front.

An investigation showed that the trailer plate displayed had been reported lost or stolen in August by the true owner, a New Jersey company.

Police say the truck's actual license plate was found inside the vehicle, thus avoiding the toll and that Ganzman made statements indicating he knew the plate was not his.

Officials believe the plate being displayed had been removed from its trailer by the New Jersey company during Superstorm Sandy.

Ganzman faces charges including toll theft and possession of lost property.

Police arrested a 46-year-old Florida man last Sunday at the bridge toll lanes for lacking a front license plate and having a back plate that was bent to allegedly avoid detection.