Taxi cab driver gives spiritual guidance

Sandra Bookman reports on the cabbie who is also a minister
November 11, 2013 2:42:59 PM PST
A yellow cab driver is an evangelical pastor from Brooklyn.

So in addition to giving people a ride, he's also offering some spiritual help.

"I pray to God, I say, 'Use me, whatever, whoever, you can use me to help,'" said Rev. Joseph Djan, a taxi driver.

For yellow cab driver Joseph Djan, that simple prayer is a daily mission.

Also an evangelical pastor, he's not only collecting fares as he cruises the streets, he's saving souls.

"God works in different ways. God uses many situations to accomplish his will," Rev. Djan said.

Djan says about 80% of the people who get into his backseat don't mind getting a dose of spirituality with the ride and it's usually his Christian hip-hop music that gets the conversation started.

"When they hear the spiritual words, they hear Jesus name they here talking about God and then they say they start asking questions, 'Is that a Christian rap?'" Rev. Djan said.

The veteran driver recalls sitting and talking with one troubled passenger for three hours.

"I turned the meter off. See, when it comes to faith I put that first. The soul of the person is most important," Rev. Djan said.

Doing God's work is what's most important to Rev. Joseph Djan. It's one of the reasons he's also studying for a Master's degree in theology when he's not sharing the gospel, one fare at a time.