Community forum held on Common Core

Kristin Thorne reports
November 12, 2013 7:38:11 PM PST
Hundreds of parents showed up Tuesday night, angry over the new Common Core curriculum.

Parents all across the country are unhappy with the new education plan and they are fighting back.

"Remove the contract of State Commissioner John King," a parent said at a forum.

That was one of the last times the New York State Education Commissioner John King met with parents to discuss the Common Core. And it was much of the same on Tuesday night.

It's a new nationwide standardized teaching method that challenges students to use reasoning and analysis not just memorizing facts.

Parents on Long Island though who have seen it in action are not thrilled.

"They're trying to get children to do work that they're just not ready to grasp the concepts for because it's just not right for their age," said Amy Connor, a parent.

"My daughter's kindergarten vocabulary words last week were phenomenal and democracy," said Tracy Allred- Pulice, a parent.

Parents, teachers, and administrators are also taking issue with the way the Common Core was implemented, which they say was basically out of nowhere.

Yet, students are being tested on it constantly and the scores are dismal.

Some parents are even telling their children to refuse to take the tests.

"We remain strongly supportive on the Common Core standards, but the implementation of these standards need a significant course correction," said Lana Ajemian, of New York State PTA.

The Head of the New York PTA is calling upon the government to listen to input from parents, create improved, flexible testing, and expand professional development.

Tuesday night's forum was the first of at least four meetings planned on Long Island.