Accused biker in SUV attack speaks out

Kemberly Richardson interviews Allen Edwards.
November 14, 2013 3:44:03 PM PST
For the first time we are hearing from Allen Edwards, one of the men arrested in the motorcycle road rage incident on the West Side Highway.

He turned himself in to police after video showed him pounding on the SUV with his fists.

"I didn't want that to happen to that man," said Allen Edwards, accused biker.

Allen Edwards told Eyewitness News he simply got caught up in a bad situation.

The 42-year-old is charged with gang assault for his part in the chain of events that ended with the brutal beating of Alexian Lien.

"It's been a nightmare for me," Edwards said.

In the video that surfaced right after the event, you clearly see Edwards, with the dreads and wearing the vest, riding with the group up the West Side Highway trailing Lien's SUV.

With his Attorney, John Carney, by his side, the married father of three said things quickly escalated after Lien ran over and critically injured Edwin Mieses.

"It was horrifying to see that, it reminded me of something I saw in the past where a little girl died right in front of me," Edwards said.

He stayed with Mieses thinking he was going to die.

Edwards did not have a cell and so after a minute, took off.

"I rode off to make sure he doesn't get too far so that when the police come, you know, they can find him," Edwards said.

By now Lien feared for his life and kept going until 178th Street.

"I was a little frustrated you know, hit the glass to get his attention, and started screaming at him to tell him you know, you just killed somebody back there," Edwards said.

But things came to a screeching halt, Edwards says, when he saw Lien's wife in the SUV.

"I noticed the fear on her face, and that affected me, so right then and there I left and I went back to the bike and as I was about to leave he got attacked," Edwards said.

It's a beating he insists he did not take part in.

"I started yelling at them to stop, you know to leave him alone, but it happened so fast and there was so many of them, I just didn't think it would have been a good idea for me to intervene, I probably would have gotten injured myself," Edwards said.