Review: 12-12-12

Sandy Kenyon reviews the Sandy relief concert film.
November 15, 2013 1:48:22 PM PST
I didn't expect to like this new documentary as much as I did, but "12-12-12" is guaranteed to be on my list of the top ten movies of this year. The documentary takes its name from the date of the charity concert held at the Garden in late 2012, when so much of our area still remained devastated.

In the aftermath of "Hurricane Sandy," a concert on December 12th of last year raised more than $50 million to help those affected, thanks to a garden full of stars on-stage, and off.

The new documentary is a fitting tribute to the resilience of New Yorkers.

Producer Harvey Weinstein didn't wait to be asked.

"It's time to get money for those affected," Weinstein says, in the trailer.

"12-12-12" has been mixed perfectly, showing us why they come together, what makes them special, and how even the biggest stars have a common decency and desire to help.

What sets "12-12-12" apart from other concert movies is the time we get to spend backstage. We go places that are usually off-limits, and hear conversations that would otherwise be private.

"12-12-12" shows New Yorkers at our best, and reminds everyone of Rock's magical power to help us heal.

The Robin Hood Foundation based here in the City was in charge of giving away the money raised and this particular charity is known for spending 100% of donations on helping people. The wealthy people who sit on the group's board of directors take care of any and all administrative costs.