Up Close: Minimum Wage

Diana Williams talks with Paul Sonn of the National Employment Law Project, and fast-food worker Naquasia LeGrand.
November 17, 2013 9:29:33 AM PST
21 states and Washington, D.C. have raised the minimum wage above the rate set by Congress, and New Jersey voters joined the list recently, despite Governor Christie's veto.

As of Jan. 1, the minimum wage will be $8 an hour in New York, in New Jersey $8.25, and Connecticut will have the highest in the area with $8.70.

The shift recently has been for states to take control, raising the rate while Congress is deadlocked, and some cities are raising it too.

Joining us to talk about it is Paul Sonn of the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy organization focused on improving job conditions for low-wage workers, and Naquasia LeGrand. While struggling to make ends meet with a fast food job, Naquasia is joining the fight for higher wages.

Also, New Yorkers will have a chance this week to tell Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio what their priorities are for his new administration.

A tent has been set up on Canal Street, where people can leave him a note, or even record a video message. The so-called 'transition tent' is the brainchild of several organizations. With us to talk about why they are doing this is Chris Stone, the president of Open Society Foundation, and Cecilia Clark, the president of the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

After a massive typhoon ravaged the Philippines, international aid is beginning to reach the survivors.

Joining us to talk about the situation and how you can help is Mario Lopez Deleon, Jr., Consul General of the Philippines in New York, and Eyewitness News consumer reporter Nina Pineda. As a Filipino-American, Nina has been following the typhoon aftermath closely. She tells us about a unique relief effort she's organizing.

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