Supermarket or online shopping for groceries?

Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side.
Seven On Your Side
November 18, 2013 3:04:21 PM PST
There's a new site that boasts the best supermarket savings in cyber space, but how about when 7 On Your Side pits its prices against an actual supermarket?

7 On Your Side has the results of old versus new in a supermarket challenge.

The first stop is a local supermarket.

7 On Your Side shopped the old fashioned way, filling the cart with 11 things every household needs, from some food items like Cheerios and chicken noodle soup, to wipes and Windex.

Then, 7 On Your Side took to cyberspace.

7 On Your Side checked out the new site sensation,

The four month old service says it does the shopping for you by searching eight leading sites like Amazon, Target, and Costco to get you the best price.

On the plus side, shopping the website is easier than driving to the supermarket and wheeling from aisle to aisle.

But there is a downside to online.

You can't get any perishable items. If you want milk or bread you'll still have to go to the store.

But how about the prices? Huggies overnight diapers were $2 cheaper online.

But Windex pump spray was $2.20 less at the market.

Triscuits were exactly the same.

Online, to get the lowest prices the site went to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and, which came in at the best price for soup.

But even though the site says "free shipping" for orders of over $75, 7 On Your Side got whacked nearly $11 for shipping.

7 On Your Side ordered on a Tuesday. promises shipping in two to seven days.

By Friday, all the items arrived.

So the total for online for 11 items was $84.72.

The total for in the store for the 11 items came to $76.81.

That's nearly an $8 savings by shopping in the store. said a glitch caused 7 On Your Side to get charged shipping, when we shouldn't have.

But on the plus side, we got a second package of pampers free of charge.

It was an error in our favor.

All in all, online saved 7 On Your Side gas and time, but the supermarket saved some money and is better for instant gratification.