Park Avenue Garage sale: luxury items at discount prices

Kemberly Richardson has more on the luxury goods being sold.
November 19, 2013 3:12:44 PM PST
A sale begins Wednesday that could help you get a jump start on your holiday shopping, while helping a good cause.

The items, everything from clothing to house goods, come with some deep discounts.

Ladies, how about a $2700 jacket covered with crystals for just $399. Champagne flutes and martini glasses, $16 each and they're gorgeous.

The kids, the fellas, the boss, there really is something for everyone in this roughly 8,000 square foot space.

A mouth watering collection of incredible items at amazing prices can be found at the Park Avenue Garage sale. First stop: jewelry.

"It's a mix of some real and some costume, it starts at 50, 100 dollars and goes up to where you can buy real diamonds. They'll be here tonight, wow, won't give you those prices, you have to come to see," said Frederick Anderson of the Park Avenue Garage.

In what once was Elizabeth Taylor's townhouse, you will find treasures around every corner. Four floors of really cool gifts.

"Artists and designers who aren't in every store, so you're going to find things you can't find elsewhere in New York," Anderson said.

The top floor is packed with one of a kind items from New York artisans.

Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood hand dyes, prints and paints some beautiful pieces in the collection.

On two, you will die and go to handbag heaven, and I also found that perfect dress for your holiday party.

We got a sneak peek as the team got everything ready for this sale, that's open to the public and free.

Fellas, there's something for you too: luxurious swim trunks and ties.

The best part of all this: a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

"Cancer is a very big issue, it effects everyone, we really need the funding to keep our research and battle this awful disease and finally get rid of it," said Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Hilary Dick.

Park Avenue Garage sale opens to the public Wednesday morning at 11 and runs through Saturday each day until 6 p.m.