Deliveries resume after earlier fire at Hunts Point Market

Tim Fleischer reports from Queens
November 20, 2013 2:30:12 PM PST
The fire, fortunately, was confined to one of the produce and fruit companies and did not spread down the long rows of businesses there.

It was still a stubborn fire that left 9 injured.

Firefighters had to force their way into the company located in the middle of one of the 600 foot long warehouses in the large Hunts Point Complex.

As seen from Newscopter 7, the fire billowing dense smoke had grown to four alarms with 175 firefighters and 40 department units responding.

"It was a lot of smoke yea, I was really kind of scared. So I just kept moving," said Leroy Gonzalez.

The first alarm came in at 11:15, but as firefighters moved inside the blaze started to build and spread through the sizable warehouse.

"Over 20 foot high ceilings with all rack storage and a dense, large quantity of of combustable stock," said Deputy Chief James Daly.

As it then moved up into second floor office space it grew in intensity creating a dangerous situation for firefighters.

"We had a supporting steel beam sag which created a collapse danger for the members so we had to withdrawl at one point and go to our tower ladders," adds Daly.

After about two hours the fire was finally brought under control.