Baby Hope murder suspect indicted

Anthony Johnson reports on suspect facing charges in the decades old cold case murder of Baby Hope
November 21, 2013 2:20:11 PM PST
The man accused of killing the little girl known as "Baby Hope" has officially been indicted. Conrado Juarez has been charged with Murder in the Second Degree.

Juarez allegedly killed his young cousin in 1991 and dumped her body along a highway in upper Manhattan.

The child has since been identified as Anjelica Castillo, and the name was officially changed on her headstone last week, more than 20 years after her death.

Juarez was initially arraigned on a murder charge after his October 12 arrest.

Police say he confessed to sexually abusing and suffocating Anjelica, but he now claims the confession was coerced.

Juarez, 52, is being held at Riker's Island.

He spoke in a jailhouse interview during which he admitted helping a relative dump the body, but he says he is not the killer.

In the confession, Juarez admitted to smothering the girl with her pillow to hide her screams while he sexually assaulted her.

Juarez expressed resignation over spending the rest of his life behind bars. His attorney says cops forced him to confess by depriving him of sleep.