New Jersey 1-year-old boy critical after window fall

Darla Miles reports from Jersey City
November 21, 2013 2:36:56 PM PST
A 1-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after falling out a third-floor window of his New Jersey home late Wednesday.

"I heard something thump, and I actually said to my father, 'It sounded like somebody fell out of the window,'" said Chris Salerno, a neighbor.

Still, Chris Salerno had no idea his 1-year-old neighbor who lives in the apartment above his had fallen three stories down from this window onto the concrete.

"I was leaving the building at the same time and the boyfriend came running out to go let the cops in and I was like, 'Is the baby OK?' and he was like, 'Yeah, yeah he's alright,' and he just ran upstairs with the cops," Salerno said.

The 30-year-old father told police he was in his Jersey City apartment on Union Street alone, cooking in the kitchen Wednesday night just after 10, when his 1-year-old son fell out of their bedroom window.

Neighbors say a baby's bottle was found near the spot where the toddler landed.

"The ambulance came and they went into the building and they came out with a child, and he was just, sorry to say but, lifeless. He was just dangling in the paramedic's hand," said Krystle, a neighbor.

Police say the father told them, he brought his son back upstairs where the child lying in the bed crying, moving his eyes and responding to commands when emergency crews arrived. Investigators say the little boy had dried blood under his arm and bruising on his left side and injuries to his head, spleen and lungs.

"The mother was just screaming like, 'What happened, what happened?'" Krystle said.

"I know the kid very well. Like you know, he's always out here in the carriage. Me and my brother always buy him candies and stuff you know. The girl doesn't have much, but the kid is a good kid, it's a shame that this had to happen," Salerno said.

The child was rushed to Jersey City Medical Center, and then transferred to University Hospital in Newark.

DYFS was also notified.