Two men allegedly taking pictures of kids in parks

Phil Lipof reports from Washington Heights.
November 21, 2013 8:24:04 PM PST
Police are looking to talk to two men taking pictures of young kids at parks and asking them where they live.

"Well it's frightening," one mother said.

"It's scary because it's our backyard," another mother said.

Moms all over Washington Heights and Inwood are watching their kids a little closer.

At a community board meeting, the commander of the 34 precinct put them on alert.

"We really have to teach our children about safety and stranger danger," said Kari Nealisgomez, a mother.

That's because over the last month, there have been at least three reports of two middle age men approaching children in parks and asking them for their names and addresses. The incidents happened at Isham Park, Bennett Park, and at J Hood Wright.

In some cases, they took pictures of children as young as 4.

That's the same age as Kari Nealisgomez's son.

"Oh my goodness, this park and two others. Oh my goodness," Nealisgomez said.

"I read it on my parent group online," said Kadijah Basir, a mother.

Kadijah Basir is part of an online moms group that is about 2,000 strong.

Because of eyewitness accounts, police tell us they are looking to talk to a heavy set middle age man pushing an empty wheelchair with an American flag key chain.

Several moms have seen him, and one dad says, he better not!

"You just got to take action. It's your kid you know right, absolutely you just got to protect your child," Marc McDonald, a father.