Victim beaten by driver of ATV

Carolina Leid reports from Tottenville.
November 21, 2013 8:29:11 PM PST
A victim is speaking out for the first time after being brutally beaten by a driver of an ATV on Staten Island.

That driver is wanted by cops for savagely attacked the 62-year-old victim and breaking his ribs.

The woman who captured video of the suspect is also talking exclusively to Eyewitness News.

"I hope they catch these thugs. That's what they are, they're thugs," the victim said.

The 62-year-old victim was willing to tell his story but asked that Eyewitness News not show his face.

Sunday, he noticed a group of men on ATVs speeding through Tottenville's conference house park.

And because he works there, he told them to get lost.

But instead of leaving, he says a man beat him up with help from his friends.

"I'm OK. I'm hanging in there. I have four cracked ribs, a bunch of bruises, a dislocated shoulder, but otherwise I'm going on," the victim said.

"He didn't want the property because there were children people with strollers. It's dangerous, they're going in and out he wanted to protect the people in the park," said Shiela Choukrane, a witness.

Shiela Choukrene saw the attack and used her camera to take photos of the suspects, capturing one man charging at the victim, and then laying him flat out on the ground.

"They go up and down the beach. They don't care. Something has to be done," Choukrene.

By law, all-terrain vehicles are not allowed on city streets or in public parks.

Residents in Tottenville say this has been a problem for a good while.

"They're criminals on bikes and I hope the cops catch them before I do," a resident said.