Eighth case of meningitis reported at Princeton

Toni Yates has the story
November 22, 2013 2:37:44 PM PST
There's another case of meningitis on the campus of Princeton University.

Eight people have now gotten sick.

In this latest case, a student was hospitalized Thursday.

Princeton University wasted no time getting the word out to students.

"I've heard a lot about it. This is the eighth case, people are being careful now," said Tyler Lussi, a freshman.

The school released a statement that says in part, "Health officials will be conducting tests to determine if this latest case is related to the seven cases of meningitis associated with the university since March."

The strain is called Serotype B. The meningitis vaccine that students are required to have before enrolling does not protect against it.

So Princeton has sent for a vaccine from overseas, and the Centers for Disease Control has approved it.

"It reminds me we need to get the vaccine. I trust the European companies so I'm probably going to get it," said Nina Wade, a freshman.

"I read an article that says 75% of the students want it, so that may help reduce it," said Carlos Sotelo, a freshman.

In the meantime, students say they are taking precautions to stay healthy.

"Just washing your hands more, trying to stay clean," a student said.

"Using a lot more hand sanitizer, trying to not share food and drinks as much," another student said.