Clerk fights back against screwdriver-wielding man

Long Island news from Eyewitness News

November 22, 2013 3:43:11 PM PST
An argument, apparently over beer money, spiraled out of control inside a deli on Long Island and became violent.

When a bloody brawl broke out in a Patchogue deli last month, store clerk Maria Tavares wouldn't have any of it.

Not in her shop.

She pulled the assailant by his underwear away from the victim and wedgied him out of the Plaza la Familia Deli and into the street.

"Stopped the fight, pulled the guy outside, you see the video," Tavares said.

Maria Tavares is unfazed, even though the crazed attacker is still on the loose.

"Something like a screwdriver," Tavares said.

Tavares says she believes the man used a screwdriver to attack his victim.

It's not clear what started the brawl, but Tavares thinks it had something to do with beer money.

"She was very lucky that he didn't turn around and hit her," said Det. Sgt. Bryan McMenemy, Suffolk County Police Department.

Police say they don't recommend trying to break-up a violent confrontation with a shirtless, weapon-wielding man, who is covered in blood.

The 36-year-old victim was hospitalized for cuts to his face and upper body.

"I'm surprised that the victim wasn't hurt more," Det. Sgt. McMenemy said.

Now police are searching for the suspect. He's said to have a tattoo of barbed wire on his right bicep and has black hair that is trimmed short on the sides.

He might live locally. People Eyewitness News spoke to at the deli say they've seen him around town.