Delayed trains create headache for holiday travelers

Carolina Leid reports from Penn Station.
November 26, 2013 8:31:04 PM PST
There are delays for travelers going by train Tuesday night.

Tuesday evening was wet and chilly and the combination of the evening rush and the overflow of holiday travelers created a mess at Penn Station.

For some getting home was not only overwhelming but emotional.

"I just missed my connection to Albany and I'm hyperventilating. I'm really crazy right now," one traveler said.

"It's incredibly busy. There's a huge line over there," said Francis Boye-Codoje, a traveler.

Lugging a huge suitcase behind him, Francis Boye-Codoje said he's worried about spending Thanksgiving on the Saint John's campus instead of home with his family.

"I heard there's a huge delay. I don't know how I'm going to do it," Boye-Codoje said.

Many stayed glued to the big board to see if their train or bus was delayed or cancelled.

At the evening peak, the Long Island Rail Road had 10-15 minute scattered delays, Metro-North's New Haven line suffered 30-60 minute delays due to signal problems, and New Jersey Transit saw 15 to 25 minute delays because of a stalled train.

Many employed the method of move fast so you don't get left behind.

"It's pretty brutal. I feel like I deal with this all of the time, delayed trains. It's more hectic because everyone travels for the holiday," said Brad Fennim, a traveler.

Brad Fennim said it could be a lot worse, just think about the people who are traveling on Thanksgiving eve!

"It's a win-win traveling today. I knew it would be worse tomorrow. I just wanted to get back home today, I'm sick of my dirty fraternity home," Fennim said.