Small red fox escapes from Staten Island Zoo

November 27, 2013 1:11:57 PM PST
A small red fox has escaped from the Staten Island Zoo. The Zoo says that the fox burrowed out from its enclosure and may have entered the community.

The errant fox is a rescue animal, about seven months old and weighing 10 pounds, about the size of a house cat. The animal was hand-raised in the Zoo's nursery.

Like all accredited U.S. zoos, the Staten Island Zoo followed an established protocol beginning with a thorough search of the grounds

According to Dr. Marc Valitutto, general curator and veterinarian, the fox is fully vaccinated and is unlikely to be a threat to the public, their children or pets. He cautioned anyone encountering the animal not to approach it, nor try to trap it, actions which may scare it away, but simply to contact the Zoo. Dr. Valitutto said that while foxes have not been seen on Staten Island for many years, they are native to the region and do well in this area.

Call the Zoo at 718-442-3101 to report a sighting and the Zoo will dispatch a trained animal keeper.

The zoo is in contact with the police department to monitor sighting reports to precincts or to 911.