Black Friday freebies

Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side.
Seven On Your Side
November 27, 2013 3:15:44 PM PST
He's the baron of Black Friday, and that means free stuff if you know where to find it.

"There are plenty of freebies to be had this Black Friday," said Mark LoCastro, of

Start at GameStop, where if you shell out the money for a Wii U Sky lander Swat Force Bundle, you get some extras.

"You get a free $25 gift card and a free back pack," LoCastro said.

At Aeropostale, you can get free Skull Candy ear buds worth $20 if you spend $100.

"That's a real high end thing. That's a good one, but again you have to go in the store to get it and the stores want to draw you in to the shop they want you to spend money," LoCastro said.

At Macy's, hip hop artist Lil' Wayne is even free.

"If you spend $50 bucks at Macy's you get a free Lil' Wayne compilation CD," LoCastro said.

Let's not forget the four-legged friends on our lists. PetSmart's stuffed pet stockings will get you in the Holiday mood.

"The first 100 customers on line at select retail locations, they're giving pet stockings filled with pet food for dogs and cats and also some coupons worth $130," LoCastro said.

But one of the best freebies is at Wal-Mart. If you spring for a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, you get gift card worth $75 bucks. Take home the S3 and walk out with a $100 card.

"You get a $100 gift card, you're actually in the profit there," LoCastro said.

But what could be the most popular freebie, is at JC Penny, free Disney snow globes.

"Last year they didn't do it and a lot of people went into an uproar," LoCastro said.

Customers started Facebook pages and circulated petitions. And after 10's of thousands of responses, they're back.

The snow globes, like a lot of freebies, you have to line up early to get. The snow globes are given out starting 4 a.m. Friday and, like other freebies, there are limited quantities. Eyewitness News has learned there are about 500 snow globes per store.