Malls stepping up security after shopping chaos

Matt Kozar reports from Garfield, N.J.
November 30, 2013 8:07:11 AM PST
This will be another busy day at stores and shopping centers across the country.

And after several reports of violence among the crowds of shoppers, businesses are stepping up efforts this weekend to keep shoppers safe.

Many retailers are concerned that brawls in the aisles and fights in the parking lots will deter people from coming out and spending money.

So they will be adding security in and out of stores to prevent melees like the one that erupted in a Walmart in Garfield over a $98 TV, in which a man was pepper sprayed and arrested.

Also, the Walmart in White Plains had to shut down in the middle of the shopping frenzy Friday after a bomb threat.

Police in Danbury say there were no injuries and no arrests made after what is being called a "routine disturbance" at a shopping mall on Black Friday.

Lt. Shaun McColgan says the incident remains under investigation, but that it appears to have been a fight involving a couple of teenagers Friday evening at the Danbury Fair Mall.

McColgan says there were reports that someone may have yelled the word "gun" during the incident, creating some fear among other shoppers. But he says no gun was found at the scene and the mall was never locked down or closed.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said on his official Twitter account that state and local police responded to the situation and that it was under control.

At a mall in Philadelphia, women punched and used taser guns on each other.

And a brawl over a TV broke out on the checkout lines at a store in North Carolina.

Two men in Virginia never made it to the sale items as sparks flew outside the stores over a parking spot.

In another incident in Orlando, Florida, a father went to a Best Buy to shop for deals. There was just one problem - he left his baby boy in the car intentionally. Police broke the window and rescued the baby.