Turkey trouble in Cresskill, New Jersey

Sarah Wallace reports from Cresskill.
December 3, 2013 3:30:50 PM PST
A wild turkey is causing trouble in a New Jersey community, hounding police officers and deliverymen in Cresskill.

"He just attacks the wheel. If you're stopped at a red light, he runs right in front," FedEx driver Rick Randall said.

Randall isn't sure of the gutsy gobbler's motive, but the cagy creature is certainly creating chaos in Cresskill, New Jersey.

"I tell you one time he chased me out of my truck. This turkey's fearless you know. If it's dark, it's scary," he said. "You talk to my friends who are other FedEx drivers and they'll tell you he's attacked them too."

But it doesn't end there. Sources tell us the turkey is ruffling feathers all over town, including at the Cresskill Police Department."

"He's actually done his own recon on us by showing up at the police department. He's pretty wily. I think he may have received some specialized training somewhere," Cresskill Police Chief Ed Wrixon said.

Officer Shawn Cole has videotaped several run-ins with the brazen bird. The turkey even led cops on several chases after setting off burglar alarms.

"I have a mindset there could be someone inside or with a weapon and I show up and it's a turkey," Cole said.

For now, he's just run afoul of the law a few times...not enough to be labelled a feathered fugitive.

"He actually keeps us on our toes. It's good training for my guys," Wrixon said. "We've got some intel on him. I think we have it under control."