Group of teen boys brutally attacked young girl

Darla Miles has the story
December 6, 2013 2:49:17 PM PST
Police in the Bronx are searching for a group of teenage boys who brutally attacked a young girl in the East Concourse section. The attack was caught on camera.

Four teenage boys got in the face of a young girl, and a fifth was behind the camera.

Then, came a big punch. She was punched square in the face by a teen wearing a distinctive bright colored jacket. Sources say the video was recorded last month.

It happened near the supermarket on Webster Avenue in the East Concourse section of the Bronx.

The video started off with a young girl who seemed to walk across the street in an effort to avoid conflict. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Don't hit me because I'm not from over here. Stop it!" the victim said in the video.

"Smack her, (in audible) Ronnie smack her!" a suspect said.

The victim screamed several times, 'Please, don't hit me." But the teens still swarmed around.

Sources say the boys are part of a crew in the Bronx who are trying to force the girl to make a negative comment about a rival crew on video.

Presumably scared of retaliation, the girl tells them she's not a part of their beef, refuses to make the comment, and begs for mercy.

"I'm not in the beef, why would I say anything, like, I'm not the beef. I don't know nothing. Please don't. Please no, no, no, please! Please! I'm not in this! Can you please stop?" the victim said.

Just last month, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Brooklyn DA's Office announced the arrest of 400 people in "Operation Crew Cut". Police say crews are smaller than gangs and fight over turfs.

Last month's arrest of crew members did include some girls. But the young lady in this video, clearly wants no part of any crew.