Harrison schools remain open despite snow

Sandra Bookman reports from Harrison
December 10, 2013 2:30:02 PM PST
Some parents in Westchester County think classes should have been cancelled before the snow started falling Tuesday.

Parents in Harrison were surprised when schools decided to remain open. Schools in Mamaroneck and Rye also stayed open Tuesday.

But the vast majority of Westchester County schools closed for the day due to the snowy conditions and concerns that the afternoon would bring freezing temperatures.

"I was pretty surprised," said parent Paul Slater. "All the other districts were closed in Westchester except for Harrison. It seemed a little weird."

"We had delays yesterday, we have half-days tomorrow, so I think maybe they're trying to get the kids in," said parent Kelly Coles.

And those school days are precious, so school officials try to get students in as often as they can.

Harrison school officials say they were putting their faith in the town to keep the roads clear, and were confident they could get a full day of classes in.