Police search for gunman in Staten Island murder

Stacey Sager reports
December 11, 2013 2:54:46 PM PST
Police on Long Island are searching for a killer.

24-year-old Anthony Pollard was shot outside the Black Dog Grill in West Brighton on December 1st. He died at the hospital.

"And he just pulled out a gun and shot him right in front of me," said Natasha Valentin, the victim's fiancée.

Natasha Valentin says she never thought she'd lose her fiancée, Anthony Pollard. He was shot and killed outside a bar in West Brighton, back on December 1st.

Police say they are still looking for the man responsible.

They say 24-year-old Christopher Harrell has been missing ever since, but for the Pollard family, the loss is too great to bear.

"I want him to look me in my face and tell me why he did this to my son, why did he ruin so many lives?" said Robert Maloney, the victim's dad said.

"I miss my dad," said A.J., the victim's son.

Pollard's 6-year-old son A.J. is struggling to understand because his dad was a hard working paralegal who was going to school to become a lawyer.

"My son was doing so well," said Robert Maloney, the victim's father.

And then, after a night of partying at the Black Dog Bar on Foster Avenue, there was a meaningless fight with Christopher Harrell, but it grew.

"There was just a big brawl. I cannot lie, everyone was fighting, including the females. The girls were fighting," Valentin said.

Natasha and Anthony got out of there, and then, there was a twist of fate.

A cop who knew about the dispute, pulled Natasha over and asked her for her ID.

She thought she didn't have it and so she drove back to the bar to look for it, and that's when Harrell allegedly shot Anthony Pollard.

Now, there's the nightmare of grief and what-if's.

"But your ID wasn't at that bar after all?" Eyewitness News asked.

"It was in my pocket the whole time," Valentin said.

They're pleading with the public to find Harrell and they're also pleading with Harrell.

"I just want to say to him that I'm quite sure you don't know what you did," Maloney said.