Search for hit and run driver in fatal crash

Dray Clark reports from Paterson.
December 12, 2013 8:31:40 PM PST
Surveillance video is the only clue Paterson Police have, their only hope in finding the driver who hit 57-year-old Mohadmad Uddin and left him to die in the intersection.

"Very, very nice guy. Very religious guy. Everybody miss him," said Golam Chowdhury.

Uddin and a friend were crossing the street in the crosswalk near Wayne and Union Avenue on November 24th.

Uddin's friend who does not speak English told Eyewitness News through an interpreter that the SUV driver ran the red light and hit them both.

And while he only suffered a minor leg injury, he watched his longtime friend and prayer partner struggle to stay alive.

"He feel so bad. He was crying like baby the other day," his friend said.

Witnesses say the SUV driver slowed down and then sped off before anyone could get a license plate number.

"He just kept going. He gone. He hit him and left away," his friend said.

Uddin was a devout Muslim who prayed five times a day in his local Mosque.

He was on his way home from afternoon prayer when he was hit and killed.

Doctors say he suffered a traumatic head injury.

People say this intersection is dangerous.

The crosswalk signs don't always work and people constantly run red lights.